Configuring post-leasing servers

In the maze of hundreds of configurations available for each server, it is easy to get lost between options that do not differ at first glance.

If we do not know what exactly we are looking for, browsing offers in this way can be tiring. It will probably also leave us with the mistaken belief that equipment that meets our needs in the budget we have assumed cannot be purchased.

Based on over a decade of our experience in providing server and network solutions, we are able to select solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, making the best use of their budget.

In the lower right corner of our website there is a chat where you can talk to our specialists available immediately. We are also available by phone to talk and suggest hardware and software that meet your needs. We respond reliably, provide comprehensive pricing and provide guidance also by e-mail.

We encourage you to contact our specialists:

Quoting mail:

Supervisor of the sale of servers and post-leasing arrays: 787-235-434

Supervisor of the sale of servers, matrixes and brand new switches: 790-444-830

Supervisor of the sale of parts and accessories for servers, arrays and switches: 574-990-560

Selection of switches and network devices

Your old switch has failed and it's time to replace it? What hardware to choose to ensure compatibility with other infrastructure devices?

Maybe you have special needs related to layer functions, switching speed or the ability to configure the switch in a specific way and you don't know what equipment from our offer will meet these requirements?

Have you been looking for the desired model, but you did not find it on our website? Tell us what you are looking for and we will provide you with a quote for the indicated equipment, or we will offer a compatible alternative.

As with the servers, our network specialists respond to your inquiries via chat in the lower right corner of the page, by phone and via email.

We encourage you to contact our specialists:

Quoting mail:

Sales supervisor of post-leasing switches: 505-763-198

Sales supervisor of brand new switches: 790-444-830