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The warranty for the vast majority of products is carried out directly by us - EU-company based in Poznan, Poland.

When calling with any fault or problem on the other side, you will be heard by a person who knows what equipment is being said, who will immediately track the indicated transaction and guide you through the warranty process without any problems.

We execute warranties immediately, we never ignore the buyers of our equipment - we always make every effort to ensure the satisfaction of our consumers and our good name.

Types and period of warranty

To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a warranty in several variants - Standard, Premium NBD, Premium On Site NBD.

The basic warranty for our servers and most parts is one year, but we offer an extension of up to three years.

The costs of extending the warranty period and NBD packages are determined individually for each product and can be found out by asking a consultant.

Some of our products (most often new drives) are subject to the manufacturer's warranty - its duration, manner and speed of its implementation then depend on the manufacturer's procedure. By asking the consultant about the selected server or its parts, you will find out exactly how long it takes and what the complaint process of a given manufacturer looks like.

Warranty availability in different countries may vary. Please contact us for details if you intend to use our equipment outside of Poland.


As part of the standard warranty set, which is included in the price of all our products, we send components for replacement based on the finding of a defect in the part sent back to us, or if possible, its remote diagnosis and confirmation of the damage.

We are able to ship over 90% of our products under warranty on the same or next working day after reporting the problem.

The damaged part is picked up by the courier upon delivery or, if this is not possible, the customer sends it back to us within 14 days of delivery.


By choosing this package, you have the guarantee that in the event of a defect, we will send the parts needed for repair or the entire server for replacement the current or the next working day after reporting the problem to us. No need to send us the parts for diagnosis first.

The damaged part is picked up by the courier upon delivery or, if this is not possible, the customer returns to us within 14 days of delivery.

NBD On Site

As the name suggests, this package includes on-site repair of faulty hardware on the next working day after reporting it.

We will come to the indicated place in Poland on the next working day after notification (or at a different date if the customer so wishes), equipped with a set of parts and tools needed to carry out the service.

If the problems with the server are not due to the failure of individual parts, for example the motherboard, then we will bring an identical server for replacement, ready to move the disks from the damaged unit and resume work.

Warranty for new devices

The new servers, arrays, switches and other devices we offer are covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Depending on the needs, we can choose the appropriate response time and the degree of care that the manufacturer will surround us in the event of a failure. We have at our disposal warranty packages from completely basic ones with reporting failures only between 8 am and 4 pm on working days, to those in which the service must be on site after 4 hours from the call - even if it is Sunday at 2 am.

The costs of each option are determined individually for the project they are to cover - by sending a request for a new server, you can tell us what your expectations are in relation to service care, and we will present an individually tailored offer.