Why choose post-lease products??

Among the advantages of refurbished products, we can briefly mention:

• Extremely competitive price

• Reliability proven by uptime and demanding tests

• A guarantee provided by a company based in European Union

• Benefits for the environment


Like cars, new servers get cheaper after the manufacturer launches the new generation. By choosing post-lease equipment, we are already jumping over this sharp drop in price - its market value has already stabilized..

Post-lease servers that have undergone this cycle offer a much better price-performance ratio than brand new servers. For 90% of inquiries about new servers, we are able to present a used alternative with not worse parameters up to 70% cheaper.

This is an opportunity to find a really big savings when setting up or modernizing a server room, or to choose equipment with a much stronger specification in a given budget.


Refurbished servers are just as reliable as new servers. Server components, as opposed to ordinary computer components, are designed to work for long years 24/7 under full load.

The devices that we receive are usually post-leasing products that large companies replace in a 3-4 year cycle. Some of them still have original protective films or active manufacturer support.

Before they are delivered to the buyer, they undergo meticulous testing, and all components exposed to wear are replaced to restore the server to the state that is as new as possible.


The warranty for the vast majority of products is carried out directly by us - a Polish company based in Poznań.

When calling with any fault or problem on the other side, you will be heard by a person who knows what equipment is being said, who will immediately track the indicated transaction and guide you through the warranty process without any problems.

We execute warranties immediately, we never ignore the buyers of our equipment - we always make every effort to ensure the satisfaction of our consumers and our good name.


Refurbished products are also a smart choice for the health of our planet. By choosing a refurbished product, you reduce the number of electro-waste affecting our environment in the future.

We also pack our products in the same spirit. About 80% of all cartons, bubble wrap and other fillers we use when shipping our equipment are recycled.

Currently, for each inhabitant of the European Union, there is about 16 kg of electronic waste disposed of annually, of which less than 45% tries to be recycled.

Each refurbished server is not only financial but also ecological - we save environmental problems, giving the equipment a second life before recycling it.